How to Buy Fire Extinguisher at Best Price | Best Guide 2019

How to Buy Fire Extinguisher at Best Price


Guide for How to Buy Fire Extinguisher at Best Price

When it Comes to “How to Buy Fire Extinguisher at Best Price “, we set up in Mind that Cheap Fire Extinguisher always better and Stable. But the the Answer is Absolutely ‘No’ from our Side.

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Why ? Because Cheap Fire Extinguisher are not always a Good Solution to Extinguisher Fire. As Because these cheap Fire Extinguisher are not UL Listed, nor their Pressure of the bottler is Standard and neither the Powder filled in it are better Grade Quality.

Fire Extinguisher Price :

The Price of Fire Extinguisher Varies on Size and type of Fire Extinguisher. ABCE Powder Fire Extinguisher Price Varies from $ 15- 25, Co 2 Have a Price Range of  $ 35-65. Foam Fire Extinguisher type has price range of $ 35- 55 and Lastly Water type Fire Extinguisher have $ 40- 55. Price of Various type of Fire Extinguisher varies from time to time. As there is Certain Products in Market.

Fire Extinguisher Price in Bangladesh and India Specially Varies depending on Situation too, suppose in a city , if a building get Fire, the very next day People will go Mad to buy and Install Fire Extinguisher for their Home, Office or Warehouse, those who don’t have them Previously installed.

Our suggestions is that , don’t wait for the fire to burn your home sweet home, because ‘ Precaution is always better then prevention’. If you are planning to buy Fire Extinguisher for your Home, don’t think of buying them in pick hours like, if there is certain fire in house or factory near by or in a city where you leave.


Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extinguisher Types :

There are Commonly Four Types of Fire Extinguisher, which are, ABCE Powder, Carbon di Oxide, Foam and Water. These fire extinguisher are used in different needs or purpose of the Fire.

ABCE Powder is widely can be used to Extinguish all types of fire like wood, Paper, or inflammable etc.

Co2 or Carbon di oxide is mainly used in gas or Oil Fire . As this acts a good agent in not providing oxygen to fire.

Foam is Mostly used for inflammable liquid or that of Fire to extinguish.

Water is used on the type of Wood Fire as it works better on that field.

Fire Extinguisher Sizes

Fire Extinguisher Sizes :

There are variable types of Fire Extinguisher in Market depending on the types of Fire Extinguisher. ABCE Powder have 1,2,3,5 and 25 kg Fire Extinguisher Cylinder. Co2 have 3, 5 and 25 Liter Fire Extinguisher Cylinder. Foam have 10 and 25 Kg of Fire Extinguisher Cylinder Bottler. Water have 10 and 25 Liter of Fire Extinguisher Cylinder bottler.


Usage of Fire Extinguisher :

Depending on the types of Fire Extinguisher, there are usage limits for Fire Extinguisher types.

Firstly ABCE Powder Fire Extinguisher, These fire Extinguisher has to used by once as the pressure inside these fire extinguisher doesn’t last long. So once the handle is pressed , slowly slowly remaining pressure comes out. As a Result in 2nd time usage, there will no extinguish from this Fire Extinguisher.

Co2 or Carbon di oxide can be extinguish multiple times, as this is gas filled in , So you can Extinguish it Multiple times and keep it for another Press.

Foam type Fire Extinguisher can be Used Multiple time as this is also Gas filled in, allowing it for Multiple time usage.

Water Fire Extinguisher can be used once only as this is a pressure based fire extinguisher, so, It can only be extinguish once.




Smoke Detectors :

Smoke Detectors are the very latest and intelligent way to alert people in case of any smoke comes near to these detectors, these will give a Beep sound through which People can be alerted. They are very cheap and affordable but remember it can only give you alert but cannot extinguisher the fire.


Conclusion :

So, We Hope that you got a idea about the Basic Price limits of Fire Extinguisher and it’s Usage types. So the very next time you buy Fire Extinguisher for you Home, office or Warehouse , remember to see the Size and type of Fire Extinguisher you should Buy.

Always try to buy Fire Extinguisher from UL Listed  and only Brands Fire Extinguisher. This is a sign of trust and Safety for your home. Never buy outdated or non branded Fire Extinguisher. All fire Extinguisher comes with a Validity of 1 Year , after that all types of Fire Extinguisher has to be refilled , through if you are not using them for any purpose.

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